Meet TEDS Leadership Team

TEDS Leadership Team is comprised of a diverse group of experienced professionals dedicated to the success of our clients and TEDS.  TEDS’ Leadership Team is committed to providing solutions to today’s transportation challenges while working with our client’s in the provision of a safe and efficient transportation system.


Deanna Ferrell, MBA  President

Mrs. Deanna F. Ferrell, MBA, is the owner and President of TEDS.  As a founding member of the firm, Deanna has charted the direction of TEDS since inception in 2007.  Having led the successful creation of three previous businesses, including all the tasks required starting-up and continuing the businesses, Deanna’s unique experience has allowed TEDS to rise quickly as a leader in the transportation engineering industry of Central Florida.  Deanna oversees the various units of TEDS on a daily basis, with a strong emphasis on the overall financial course of the firm.  Understanding not only the short term impacts of daily decisions, but also the long term goals of growing the firm. Deanna has guided the growth of TEDS to being the leading traffic engineering firm in Central Florida.

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Fred Ferrell, PE 

Chief Engineer

Mr. Fred D. Ferrell, PE is the Chief Engineer  for TEDS and has over 30 years of engineering  experience  developing  and providing cost-effective solutions to client transportation needs. His professional experience includes transportation engineering and management with the FDOT as the District Traffic Operations Engineer and Director of Transportation Operations, along with leading traffic operations

units within the private sector. His transportation engineering experience includes expertise in access management, traffic

operational studies, traffic safety studies, traffic engineering design and intelligent transportation  system development.


Chris Walsh, PE

Sr. Vice President - Engineering

Mr. Chris J. Walsh, PE is the Sr. Vice President of Engineering for TEDS, with over 26 years of diverse experience in both transportation

engineering and transportation planning projects within Florida.  On a day-to-day basis, Chris directly interacts with the leaders of TEDS traffic/ITS design, traffic studies, and civil engineering practices, providing QA/QC assistance and ensuring the necessary resources are

available such that we continuously meet or exceed our client expectations with regard to schedule and quality.  He is also responsible for leading TEDS’ business development, staying at the forefront of identifying future projects for TEDS, and working directly with existing and perspective clients (as well as partnering firms) to create new and exciting opportunities.  Additionally, Chris continues to stay involved in a variety of production efforts serving as project manager on various contracts for FDOT, counties and numerous cities all the while continuously serving as

EOR on a wide array of traffic design and transportation planning projects.  


Halley Ferrell

Sr. Vice President-Administration

Mr. P. Halley Ferrell manages the day-to-day activities of TEDS’ robust data collection program along with serving as the Sr. Vice President of Administration.  In this role Halley works closely with TEDS strong leadership and administrative team by providing assistance where needed along with overseeing

TEDS’ facilities in DeBary.  Halley often works with the various disciplines within TEDS to ensure work tasks that can be shared, particularly during peak times, are distributed for the good of the firm and our clients.  Halley brings great value to the TEDS Team with his ability to work closely with

the engineers and data collection technicians  to ensure quality data is collected and provided as part of the various traffic

operational study and design assignments.


Rick Morrow, PE

Sr. Vice President - Transportation Engineering

Mr. Rick B. Morrow, PE is the Sr. Vice President of Transportation Engineering for TEDS.  He has over 25 years of transportation engineering experience with a balance of both FDOT and consultant perspectives.  For 12 years he served as the District Traffic Operations Engineer and was responsible for all

operational and safety studies, traffic regulations, access management, and ITS (TSM&O) for FDOT District Five.  Rick represented the Department in public meetings/hearings and in court proceedings.  Rick also served as Director of Transportation Development, overseeing all aspects of Design, Work Program Management, PD&E, Local Agency Projects (LAP), and Right of Way.  Rick currently manages various design projects for TEDS while

leading various quality assurance and quality control functions for TEDS traffic studies and design, including Lighting, Signalization and ITS.

Rick also serves as a consultant reviewer for plans submitted to FDOT districts.


Mikal Hale, PE

Vice President Civil Engineering

Mr. Mikal R. Hale, PE is the Vice President of Civil Engineering/Sr. Project Manager for TEDS, with over 23 years of experience in managing transportation

engineering and civil land development design projects for both public and private sector clients.  He has successfully managed a wide array of

feasibility study and design projects, including roadways, sidewalks, trails, residential subdivisions, commercial development/redevelopment,

utilities, drainage, and storm water management systems.  With his skill set having been honed through designing and permitting hundreds of projects,

he has tremendous knowledge of the associated procedures required to obtain the various permits, and he has an in-depth understanding of what it takes

to complete a design project from the initial stages through to final certification of construction completion.  Mike routinely serves as the engineer of record on

minor roadway design projects for the FDOT and various local agencies, including Local Agency Participation (LAP) projects.  He also regularly provides

development review services to TEDS’ local government clients, acting as their City Engineer.


Alex Mims, PE

ITS Design manager

Mr. Alex T. Mims, PE is the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Design Manager for TEDS. He has 12 years of engineering experience, has lead the TEDS ITS design team for the last six years, and has served as Project Manager on numerous FDOT and local municipality design projects. Alex has ushered complex ITS projects - including express lanes, hard shoulder running, infrastructure security, wrong way detection, and freeway management - from concept, through the systems engineering process, and into production of final construction documents. Through a wealth of

systems engineering, networking, power systems design, plans production, project management, and specification development knowledge, Alex helps keep TEDS on the forefront technology for management and operation of transportation systems.

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Colleen Jarrell, PE

Sr. Transportation Engineer

Ms. Colleen T. Jarrell, PE is a Sr. Transportation Engineer with over 25 years of transportation engineering and planning experience. She has extensive experience working on FDOT districtwide design traffic, districtwide traffic operations, districtwide community traffic safety program, districtwide access management, districtwide community awareness and corridor studies, as well as similar projects for multiple agencies. Colleen’s

responsibilities includes traffic operational and safety studies for roadways and intersections, project development and environment (PD&E) studies

and public involvement.


Susanne Williams, PE

Sr. Transportation Engineer

Mrs. Susanne S. Williams, PE is a Sr. Transportation Engineer for TEDS and leads our Traffic Design efforts.  Susanne has over 30 years of transportation design and project management experience, including 24 years of FDOT experience of which 11 years she served as the District Traffic Design Engineer.  Over her career Susanne has served as project manager and / or engineer of record on over 80 projects, ranging from resurfacing to widening, signal rebuilds, lighting retrofits and overhead signing replacement projects.  Since joining TEDS Susanne has delivered projects to FDOT, FTE, CFX, Volusia County, Lake County and the City of Melbourne.


Bob Agrusa, PE, PTOE

Tampa Office Leader

Mr. Bob Agrusa is the Office Leader/Sr. Transportation Engineer in TEDS’ Tampa office.  Bob has 35 years experience in traffic engineering and

transportation planning, including over 30 years of project management and business development/client service management.  Bob has worked in both private and public sectors, including roles as County Traffic Engineer and Transportation Planning Manager in Manatee County.  He has experience working on various FDOT and local contracts involving a variety of tasks, including traffic operations and safety studies, complete streets, corridor reviews, traffic impact study reviews, traffic signal designs, signing and pavement marking designs, freight mobility and bus transit reviews.  Since joining TEDS Bob has been leading multiple contracts with FDOT along with assignments with FTE, local counties and cities.