Lake County, FL Selects TEDS For On-Call Transportation and Traffic Engineering Services


TEDS was selected in late 2018 by Lake County for a continuing contract for On-Call Transportation and Traffic Engineering Services. Since 2012, TEDS has been fortunate to serve Lake County under this same On-Call Transportation and Traffic Engineering Services contract.
Services provided have ranged from engineering plans for new traffic signals to traffic operations and safety studies to data collection to highway lighting design.

TEDS Adds Tampa Office Location to provide Traffic Engineering Services to Florida’s west coast

Exciting things are happening at Traffic Engineering Data Solutions (TEDS).

We are proud to announce TEDS is expanding our business office locations to include a Tampa office. “Within the last five years the Tampa Bay area has experienced tremendous growth and we want to provide our traffic engineering expertise locally to those who are developing the infrastructure needed to keep up with the flourishing economy on Florida’s west coast and beyond,” said TEDS’ President Deanna F. Ferrell. TEDS’ new Tampa office is located at 8270 Woodland Center Blvd., Suite 142, Tampa, Florida 33614 and can be contacted at 813.739.8933.


Robert (Bob) Agrusa PE, PTOE
to Lead TEDS’ New Tampa Office

Robert (Bob) Agrusa, PE,

PTOE has joined TEDS as Senior Transportation Engineer / Tampa Office Leader. Mr. Agrusa will be instrumental in growing TEDS west coast office. Bob has over 33 years of experience in traffic engineering and transportation planning including project management and business development / client service management. Bob’s ability to serve clients is paramount in all his endeavors. His background includes work in both the private and public sectors, including Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Florida Counties and Cities/local municipalities.

Rick Morrow, PE joins TEDS as Senior Transportation Engineer

Rick Morrow, PE, is joining the TEDS Team, continuing to demonstrate his strong leadership and TEDS commitment to our clients. Rick has over 22 years of transportation engineering and project management experience and is well respected and admired in our Engineering Industry in Florida.

Colleen Jarrell, PE joins TEDS as Senior Transportation Engineer

Colleen Jarrell, PE, is joining the TEDS Team, Colleen has 23 years of transportation engineering and planning experience. She has experience working on Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) districtwide design traffic, districtwide traffic operations, districtwide community traffic safety program, districtwide access management, districtwide community awareness.

TEDS awarded Volusia County Traffic Engineering contract

TEDS was re-selected to provide continuing transportation engineering services for Volusia County. Under this contract TEDS has provided a wide array of services including numerous signal designs, sight distance evaluations, various safety studies (including the Williamson Boulevard access management study), school zone studies, preparation of a residential traffic control plan, an ITS planning study for beach parking, review of lighting plans, conducting countywide annual traffic counts, and review of traffic impact analyses.

TEDS awarded River to Sea Bicycle Pedestrian contract

TEDS was recently selected by the River to Sea TPO for a continuing contract for preparing bicycle facility feasibility studies. No stranger to these types of studies, we combine our transportation engineering and roadway design experience to develop innovative and implementable improvement solutions and reliable cost estimates, enabling local agencies to leverage federal funding for purposes of achieving their complete streets / multi-modal vision.

TEDS awarded FDOT-1 Access Management contract

TEDS was recently selected by the FDOT-1 for the five year districtwide access management contract. We appreciate the confidence FDOT-1 has shown in the TEDS Team and look forward to continuing growing our relationship with the District staff. TEDS looks forward to successfully exceeding all expectations of the District and working with them for many, many years!

Lake County, FL selects TEDS for CR 473 Improvements

After completing a Safety Study for the CR 473 corridor on behalf of FDOT, Lake County selected TEDS to complete roadway engineering design necessary to implement these critical safety improvements. Funded through the Local Agency Program (LAP), this project involves reconstructing 0.44 miles of a 2-lane rural roadway with paved shoulders throughout a horizontal curve with a significant crash history, where cross-slope correction will be completed to standardize cross-slope and achieve superelevation which meets today’s criteria. This project also involves upgrading existing signage and providing audible & vibratory pavement markings over 2.04 miles of the CR 473 corridor to provide added safety.

TEDS awarded Kernan Blvd. design / build contract

TEDS, as a sub-consultant to the Wantman Group and Superior Construction, was selected by the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) to complete the reconstruction of Kernan Boulevard. TEDS will be leading the effort completing signal designs and ITS and looks forward to moving forward in the Jacksonville area by providing “Comprehensive Engineering Solutions in a Timely, Consistent & Professional Manner”!

TEDS attends the Spring 2018 UCF CECE Career Mixer

TEDS had a great time attending the Spring 2018 UCF Career Mixer in Orlando, Florida getting to know young Civil Engineering professionals in Central Florida who are transitioning from College to Careers in Civil Engineering.

TEDS booth staff left to right: Sergio Narea, EI, Vischal Persaud, EI, Christopher Roberts, and Terry S. Aylward.

TEDS awarded US 27 Adaptive Signal design / build contract

The TEDS / Highway Safety Devices (HSD) design-build team was selected by FDOT District 1 to design and construct an adaptive traffic signal system on US 27 in Polk County, FL. The effort includes installation of over 20 miles of fiber optic cabling, in addition to vehicle detection enhancements and traffic signal controller replacements at the 22 signalized intersections associated with the project. As the team chosen adaptive system is SynchroGreen, developed by Trafficware, Inc., extensive coordination with Trafficware was conducted throughout the proposal and design phases to hone the team’s approach and deliver a cost effective and functionally system that met the FDOT’s detailed requirements.

TEDS awarded SR 408 / SR 417 design / build contract

TEDS is performing lighting, signing and pavement marking, and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) design services for this marquee CFX project, which will modify the SR 417 and SR 408 interchange to its ultimate condition. TEDS is teamed with Horizon Engineering, the prime engineering firm; SEMA Construction, the prime contractor; and Traffic Control Devices (TCD), the lighting, signing and pavement marking, and ITS subcontractor for this design build project.

TEDS awarded SR 417 contract with TLP

Adding another chapter to the long working relationship between TEDS and TLP Engineering, is the recently awarded SR 417 widening project from International Drive South to South John Young Parkway, for which TEDS is providing lighting, signalization, and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) design services. This CFX project will widening a section of SR 417 in sore need of increased roadway capacity, provide sound walls to protect the nearby residential areas from highway noise, replace the aging mast arm traffic signals at the SR 417 ramp intersections, provide efficient LED lighting, and provide ITS enhancements such as wrong way detection systems for the SR 417 off-ramps.

TEDS is Pleased to Welcome Merlynn Anderson, PE

Merlynn Anderson has joined Traffic Engineering Data Solutions, Inc.(TEDS) with over 30 years of engineering experience. Merlynn has experience with the planning and design of numerous roadway and freeway projects. He has served as Project Manager, Design Manager, and Engineer of Record on a diverse range of projects including: transportation master plans, public involvement,environmental and traffic impact studies, railway design, multi-use trails, construction management, traffic signal design, and maintenance of traffic plans. His experience includes management of resources,contracts, budgets, and schedule control along with subconsultant and interdisciplinary coordination.

TEDS awarded SR 417 contract with RS&H

TEDS, teamed with RS&H on this CFX project, was recently awarded the ITS and Signalization design services for SR 417 widening project from South John Young Parkway to Landstar Boulevard. TEDS design services include design for replacement of the aging mast arm traffic signals at the SR 417 ramp intersections, and design of ITS enhancements to accommodate the mainline widening and enhance safety through application of wrong way detection systems on the SR 417 off-ramps.

TEDS’ Transportation Analyst Sergio Narea, EI Earns MSCE from University of Central Florida

Sergio Narea, EI has now successfully completed and earned his Master of Science in Civil Engineering degree – Transportation Systems Engineering track from the University of Central Florida.