Traffic Data Collection

On a daily basis Traffic Engineering Data Solutions, Inc. (TEDS) is responsible for conducting and/or utilizing short-term traffic surveys taken with automated equipment, whether by their own staff, personnel from other offices, or Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) data base. TEDS knows and understands the importance of gathering data as a cooperative effort with FDOT, local governments and metropolitan planning organizations (MPO). Most importantly, TEDS understands the importance of the quality and accuracy of the data. Data is the basis of most decisions made with respect to the transportation network.

TEDS Data Collection Services:

We provide many services to suit the varying needs of our clients. Below are some of the most common Data Collection Services:

  • Routine Volume and Classification Traffic Counts
  • Special Traffic Counts
  • Portable Traffic Monitoring Site (PTMS) Loop System Inspection
  • Automated / Manual Turning Movement Counts
  • Gap Counts
  • GIS / GPS Studies
  • Intersection Delay Counts, Spot Speed Counts
  • Origin / Destination, Travel Time, Parking and Pedestrian Surveys
  • Traffic Data Analyses and Reports
  • Traffic Monitoring Site Development and Operation (Per FDOT Standard Index)
  • Speed Surveys / Speed Limit Modification Studies
  • Video Applications - A digital recording of traffic or parking activity at specific times.

TEDS Data Collection Equipment

TEDS trucks are clearly marked identifying the company along with safety enhancements including strobes front and back along with on top to protect both our technicians and the traveling public. TEDS also owns / maintains Peek (ADR 1000) and IRD automated counters along with JAMAR count boards. These data collection tools are complemented with various software applications, including GIS / GPS based software for travel time runs and site specific data collection needs.

TEDS collects intersection data in the field with the most powerful handheld traffic data devices for quick and accurate analysis.