TEDS specializes in traffic engineering services, including Traffic Engineering / Safety Studies, Traffic Engineering Design and Intelligent Transportation System (TSM&O) Design.  Additionally, TEDS assists FDOT and local agencies by providing Transportation Planning expertise along with completing select private development assistance for those clients who share TEDS guiding principle of “Doing the Right Thing!!!” 


A list of some of the services provided by TEDS include:

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Traffic Engineering Studies

  • Traffic Engineering Studies

  • Traffic Safety Studies

  • Traffic Operational Corridor Analysis

  • Traffic Signal Warrant Studies

  • Traffic Operational Qualitative Assessments

  • Access Management Studies

  • ICE Analysis

  • Signalized & Unsignalized Intersection Analyses

  • Highway Lighting Justification Studies

  • Pedestrian Evaluations

  • Traffic Data Collection

  • Collision Analysis

  • Benefit/Cost Analysis

  • Lane Departure Crash Analysis

  • Safety Countermeasure Analysis

  • Traffic Signal Phasing & Analysis

  • Arterial Signal System Analysis

  • No Passing Zone Analysis

  • Roadway Signing Evaluations

  • Emergency Pre-emption Evaluations

  • Railroad Pre-emption Studies

  • Trip Generation Studies

  • Parking Lot Evaluations

Traffic Engineering Design

  • Pedestrian Signals

         Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (HAWK)

         Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB)

  • Traffic Signal Plans

  • Signing & Pavement Marking Plans

  • Traffic Control Plans

  • Lighting Design

  • Roadway Improvement Concept Design

  • Construction Cost Estimates for Traffic Operational Improvements

  • Access Management Plans

  • Parking Lot Layouts

  • Roundabout Concepts/Design

  • Traffic Calming Alternatives

Signal_Dunlawton at A1A.JPG

Intelligent Transportation Systems


  • Experienced designer for freeway and arterial systems

  • Experienced Design/Build Consultant

  • Concept Studies

  • Design (preliminary and final)

                 Freeway Management

Communication and power systems

Vehicle Detection

Dynamic Message Signs

CCTV Cameras

Wrong Way Detection

Variable Speed Limit

Hard Shoulder Running

Roadway Weather Information Systems (RWIS)

  • Infrastructure Security Systems

Detect Security Threats (roadway and waterway)

  • Arterials

Adaptive Traffic Signal Control Systems

Signal interconnect (fiber and wireless)

Detour routing with Blank Out Signs

Arterial Dynamic Message Signs

Arterial CCTV Cameras

Automated turning movement counts

Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPM)

  • System Engineering Documentation

Transportation Planning 

  • Traffic Impact Studies

  • Trip Generation Studies

  • Planning Staff Assistance

  Provide technical reviews

Traffic Impact Studies

Private Development Site Plans

  • Parking Studies